• Better Credit Risk Management

    We’ve consulted with more than 30 financial institutions in the US, UK and Europe and we found that RiskAware adds value to existing risk management practices in the following areas:

    Bottom up quantification of credit risk based on detailed fundamental cash-flow analysis

    Macro scenario analysis and stress tests to measure downside risk in lending to build recession resilient portfolios

  • Basel III Compliance

    With its macro-related and forward-looking approach RiskAware is well placed to help banks to comply with Basel regulatory requirements. This includes the development of an ICAAP solution (Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process) under Pillar 2, offering easy portfolio stress testing and downside expected loss calculation capabilities.

  • IFRS 9 Compliance

    RiskAware represents an appropriate solution for banks to comply with new IFRS 9 regulations. RiskAware can either assess impairment in line with IFRS 9 requirements or transform backward-looking, through-the-cycle (TTC) credit ratings of existing Basel models to IFRS 9 compliant forward-looking, point-in-time (PIT) credit ratings.