• RiskAware in Banking

    Following the financial crisis banks realized that they needed to invest in better credit risk management to reduce future credit losses and to comply with new regulatory requirements. Risk managers at banks are expected to improve existing credit risk management practices that failed to measure credit risk properly before and during the crisis. Their main focus is to build recession resilient portfolios and to measure credit risk more precisely in order to create enough cushion (i.e. banking capital) so that their banks will better weather shocks in the economy.

    RiskAware helps banks to build a recession resilient lending book and comply with stringent regulatory requirements.

  • RiskAware for Investment Funds

    Thanks to its innovative methodology, RiskAware can help fund managers to invest in assets with higher returns or lower risk (better investment decisions), and to sell or hedge deteriorating investments earlier at a better price (pro-active portfolio management). In this way RiskAware enhances the return on investment at credit funds.

    RiskAware is instrumental in comparing investments from a risk-return perspective and enhancing the risk-adjusted yield potential of the portfolio.

    Because RiskAware can calculate the fundamental value of credits more precisely than existing technologies, fund managers will be able to select and benefit from mispriced assets on the market.

  • RiskAware for Enterprises

    RiskAware is a valuable solution for enterprises that aim to reduce losses from non-paying customers or defaulting suppliers. RiskAware  is a professional system offering better default predicting power and risk analysis than existing solutions – Evidenced by back test results

    We recommend that RiskAware  should be used as part of a credit assessing system, where commercial factors like quality and length of the customer relationship can be taken into account – resulting in an effective combination of quantitative and qualitative risk analysis.